Sunday, December 6, 2009

Combining Three Cultures at Humming Water Bell.

kite is
jeweled trachiotomy
tulip which
Sultan please reveal


at center of the
square whose points are
in any very particular order


and for the poem
photons dream to lasae
within the frameword


wry hat cast
Asinus aureus
open closed
being linked

[thank you]

the tiled calligraphy is revealed
as continuous window balcony
diffraction slit
or slip

its long frail
banana-colored tentacles
are sliced off easily
as they gracefully arc through the air

the dark hairless bashi
comes out upon the dangerous rail-less tongue
with his steel calligraphy scythe flashing

we again
paint toward the corona
of its well-traveled emblem

[go inside]

Energy true to scanning
retains its snake circuitry
against the better awareness
of nothing litter yet night

think broadly
of the thinnest yet possible
lace of mahogany
where the official
is a minister of patterned branching sticks

the world goes out
into color

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