Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

My cat Patchen
had a hairball
that looked like
an electrified
mucosial ambrosial
ram slipper
eel train

Happy Birthday
Baby Jesus

My wife Kara
made a pot of
beans and rice
and sang and
and said
all the night

Happy Birthday
Baby Jesus

I know a lady
who wears a tricorne
over each breast for
a brassiere, she also
has a cellphone
buttermaid ceramic
cellphone thing
in her ear
shaped like a tear

Happy Birthday
Baby Jesus

I see little rats
running Ranches
named "Fats"
and their spats
are fine
like gelatinous
frisbee wine
lsd oceanic
coral machines

Happy Birthday
Baby Jesus

I would put a dollop
of weasel chutney
in your chin divot
if you would just
stop loving

Alphonse Daudet
so much
with you murg chop
and gideon scarab klaxon's
albino nought nought

is a pretty girl
that goaly's

Happy Birthday
Crazy Feces

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