Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stepping Into a Little More Dictatorial Role As Raging Gapbad Benvenusiant Asponish Flishta

slopey dodatum amiri baraka chaka
in land of lost belgian palm frittes sikhim
doggie washington mason mummer prawn
balloon lawn vortex lily pad condom ads
wu-ith frog-legged human actor mods
the hollow hooligan acorn elevatoterm
ten ply garden eye whose shakes clown
herb clock patterns rival untouched
archaeology of ocean nanana

plaid arab solar
sense doolittle snail apartment
when legal muliwife
equal equid history extinction

when tubular gloss fines
rival multi-bulbing wife buildongs
whose canoe beard testicle
irrupts into angry hogon jungle dream
discussion elders with kris sloth oil patch
in nicotine amoeba phone patch tattoo

logging cock mockers
where total sea lace harvests
spare gender nouns of gillflesh abracobrarabble
slopoon peen naan
nana poon ba
poo nonnie nono prana

non-poon nooner with ninny mono moonies
noo weeny nana poon schooner boner
mean no more mooning prana gehenna mariners
ninny wanna nono boon noobing into movies?

knobby sonny bono tires
and places tree head
crack pipe padding
into slack coconutted head gondoloa

gondwana loa gondola
with gonad lantern murmur

mad dune of guana don't murmur
poonooninanamana pina
wan pina dooni

doomonny nominninama
mini nommo moonie
do dogon hogons bloom mini jimmy
durante mantas soon

bloo ming ding al doolie
aha halo hal foster duelie

Steve McQueen
stars tonight
as Richard Francis Burton
in Orientalist Camaro

blingasm of fettucini Fellini
doing the life of Machiavelli
crossed with Cellini
as if Dali had founded a
surreal bread company
that existed to this day

Catalan centaur squidloaf
with olive capri blowhole camera

Blue Taco Dog


psychadelic fluorescent
gelatin frankfurter launcher
helmet / mask / combo

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