Monday, December 14, 2009

Fussy Our Ancest, and Spindly the Doubt Before Spinozoans

If matter is itself structured like thought,
how could there fail to be "universal intelligence"?
And if this is so, does this have to refute something
like atheism or its opposite? What if the universe is
a brain, a brain whose body is absence, is elision.
If matter is itself structured like thought, shouldn't
it's opposite be as well?

Tamp fit nont, a
high faux shell
is held upon the spout
cupping the soft
clubhouse organelles.

Beatty, in ten piece,
just makes out the complex
action of the compound window
when suddenly; promotion.

Now able to walk up flagpoles
or sing, the elongated jaw
cannot excuse its own
windsock lantern combose.

Nope is certainly the distant
or distributional relative of
anything remotely dawning pons,
glass helmet unify mage i know

Rows of glass eyes in stucco go
unnoticed for glorious echidna
emblem delta.


  1. The mage I know line did not keep out the Huns so how could it stop the puns?

    Elysian elision, maestro.

    (Forgive me for taking so long about it, Squire, but I'm going to go right now and put up a link to this domain of your umpire as well...)

    By the by, my word verification is: "prose"!!


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