Saturday, December 19, 2009

Powerful Ancient Curse

hekau the herd hearth
do not judge egg
dust powered by motes
set revealing om
tease dream
its diaspora
gracefully descending
from the wide flat cap
the persian porch
whose name was solvent

power words
the collage
from its vestibule
missing whatsoever
is critical
but leaving the area

its own inertia
set revealing om
tender scarring of ingot
the metal muscle
of a floor
grown vortex-like
and made perilous
by solvent named

the principle column
of its water supported by
a nose attached to a gazer
looking heavenward

the appearance of its reason
the submerged agenda of its travail
fitness respects suffering
mindlessness enters the agonies

under goad
hekau the herd hearth
do not judge egg

to sender

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