Saturday, December 19, 2009


lined paper, the Folcanstan
view // its leather cushions

lined lexan remarkable folk stone

1. espionner
2. épier
3. faire de l'espionnage
4. faire de l'espionnage au service de
5. faire de l'espionnage au compte de
6. distinguer
7. remarquer
8. apercevoir
9. voir
10. reconnaître

a page drifts out over channel
a lined page
without a backbone (see index)

including: residences, museums,
libraries, and theaters, hospitals
and nursing homes, churches, air
and truck terminals, retail shops,
restaurants, hotels, industrial parks,
playgrounds, and arenas.

including: plans, diagrams, tables,
and schematics, sections on housing
for the elderly and the handicapped,
including access for the handicapped
to public and government buildings.

a skin
in which Nike
has head

for a long time

Anthony Perkins, no sweater house

orange facing the channel

Charles Bronson, no stain remover
mixed-use inner
Earl of Radnor, Shepways//

husband programs vessel.
husband enacts vessel.
weapon opens inside wife's.
wife involves weaponry's forward ascent.
orange trial space, unity under double.

victim deepens interior.
Quatremere de Quincy.

incidental symbolism of furniture
to local // dark narrative // psychologism


Feudal Japan in
low escarpment valley
to raise the question
of typology in architecture

Ligne à Grande Vitesse
Charles Bronson

dolly brackish oyster haunt
hovering box

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