Friday, December 4, 2009

Back From Rutulin, Born to Shag.

Beast In Space.

He had just returned from Rutulin
on an expedition to get some Andalium
and popped into a bar to meet a hotty, then

opened up a can of whoop-ass
on some lame trade-union mooks
and took their smooch.

So, sitting amidst the opticalia,
the threeds and trickets of fibrous
illum, he gave her cause for
wearing glitter makeup.

"I have just come back from Rutulin."
"Where?" "Rutulin, the red hot asteroid hell world!"
"I don't know that planet!" "It's not a planet, I
tell you, It's.." "I don't understand" "Well, It's
RED AS A MANDRILL'S ASS, if that gives you
some idea.." "Ooh!"

The glitter trails made a fascinating yantraic iconography
upon her forehead, and she was the utmost, and latest,
and terribly sexy in front of, and among, the alternation
of wide black and white concentric everything targoetia.

Rutulin is hot.
Hot as a Mandrill's ass.
And the Andalium
is DANGEROUS, and used

["glitter forces are again dominant"]

Beast In Space. Hot Ass.
Andalium makes you
growl. Rutulin
has only men, only
bones of ancient dead races.
only glitter
that kills.

The trade union thugs return,
But Dada Unico lays them out
one by one.

Irena thinks of those Trade Union men
as Monsters, but But Dada knows better:

"Irena, a monster is a thing that is shaping
even as it is shaped, everything is visible.."

Is he Roman, Mexican, Portuguese?
Is he dripping in blowsy glitterwear?
Do his hairwings signify solidarity?
Does his excellent definition of monster
return? Beast In Space.

Irena is her name, and she has great knockers,
you should see them. Dada finds a vial
of Andalium pellets after knocking down
another lame unionist. Hmm.
Irena is only outwardly unimpressed.

"Let's make love," Irena says.
"You want to go upstairs?" [Dada]

Dada Unico
is born to shag.

Beast In Space.

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