Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Dumb Kid Gets Up in the Stewhouse Churnoleum to Glog The Mulchfundera

Why do you bozza me?
I was going to the store to get a
pip, then you came off into the red.
If I was the third person in recent sky,
Iam just willing to get it bozza if you get it
again quickly i'd rake back some coals
of its helioglobalangamelan

where tufa arches hide the swinging ruck weave
of its dim and restful hammocks

pipe loads itself
anemone look ostra
or ostereich the aenominy de pouty
McAlchemy soda fatule
then porch where
spiny think tingler seeds
give heavy tin roses a shirt

i buy it for you
but you lose it
not because you are irrresponsible
but because you are evil
and your transparent rubber finger weevils
have birthed a dark maelstrom

gomer pile
dodges the samurai
and solemn egg

lifts off

draws lightspeed across the universe
adobe photoshop
is a model of celestial
hypergod travel

Lady Craven:

God sent priests,
but the Devil
sent Jesters

the pathological consequences
of "high" technology..

/hudibrahmist fluormetic vibecle/

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  1. ah, transparent rubber weevil fingers...that is rare!


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