Monday, December 7, 2009

Make a Tetracitula With any Known Meefspool


lick hordeus, casaubon,
for the barley pearl in the reeds
of the eyelid give mo yan
his sup

the facts being negative
are nun the less
its master where turning upon
the remedy, ware

the head of liquorland's writers
association is one of those who
can't go without his placenta
for even a day, yadda forthing, a

calculus between these
unhappy nazareens they share
calculus the body shared, good
sharing, space, by the zoto brothers,
and young sea-mells from the rock to
lurch what will, in what that nobby lack
could smell where its empty badger's
shell was decreed by a lucine
philomel's genephysis, to say, too

how bent thorns curved the
original visage of anaximander's
ghosted intelligence, how thorns
drawn off like taffy from the
wound of babylon were the
columns made from drums,
earth the shape of drumming holloweds,
or horn as seen through a mirror
born, as seen from inside the mirrored
form of the cyclammina and
pulvinulina, its two-to-four meaning caption:


and the simplest shift from celle to cello
is accomplished, meretrician
following with meritrician, a slightly
bitter digestivo following to follow
not unhappily, but lustfully, or clanging
with a thrum of ill-separated forms.


Good Capitals!
Still Lady-like! Still Lordly!
Still Gaseous!

the fetus be a pilgrim
into the maw of drugs,
the word an eye,
a solemn pill for the soil
to laugh its argali ovis
to ammons, be aware
of the closed, and the open

trihedral prisms
of negative facts

the chamois of a somewhat
analogous caste:

these trihedral prisms
are composed of hollow
fuel-filled cuvettes
each especially embossed
with the phrase

P = 1/R = 1/r'-1/r = (r-r')/rr'

for the cuvette has a double
in asking, and polar
in its doubled doubling:

Saul, too, Prophesied.


like a wheel whirring ass kiss
through the tome histemi eye
start in sty kernal lantern.


Irrony Observes The Earthing.