Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Head Is Totally Munched

That the world's tensility
is somewhat lacking is disturbing
to the acrobatic supremitous within
or even if the opposition's court,
its courtiers and promoters are like
okay, or even if their flag
is like this humorous puddle
of soggy napkins speaking
mustache to a turnip;
I return unto a world
of diving board crowns
worn by ninja king clowns
whose radially flowing snake foam diver organs
give taffy helmeted bliss nibbed personages
hovering lens constellations
chuckling in broken tairlimondes
having just enough of the courage
to spend time with almonds
and the toy vomitusks of saints
whose pants are flair
with razors
into meat comics
stopping traffic
in its giant red wedding dress

the long movie
in which the marbled continents
involve themselves
to the brink
of abstract violin

way lame theft of camera
conjoin ashram
to spasm collective

weird haircuts
on unknown people

image of dog
dressed like Raja Whatcha
carrying the fascinating
Ouspenskian time toroid
aquarium saddle emblem

vac vascula
mog pay clox

drawing by Ed Benson, Hong Kong, 2009

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