Thursday, December 24, 2009

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Individual and Community » Blog Archive » Vegetarian Spider Found



  1. Tres interessante plus un peu spooky.

    The photo of the Bagheera kiplingi (what's in a nom.!) munching on an acacia bud reminded me of this
    baby porcupine eating a banana.

    EXCEPT (big except), that is, for the fact that the porcupine gets hiccups.


    Then again perhaps the Bagheera kiplingi gets hiccups also but is just not miked up.

    Anyway just goes to show that 40,000 subspecies CAN be wrong...

    But the spooky part?

    While contemplating the spider eating the acacia bud... I got hiccups.. for probably the first time this millennium.

    Must mean somethin' huh??

    Anyway... many happy returns of the season Lan, and thanks mucho for a zillion brilliant blog posts this year. You are the maestro of your own devising and this is a kingdom beyond Abjection, not yet mapped.

    (But hey, the experts say it's nothing but the sex drive working through you, right?)

  2. Well, Tom,
    I never expected such a great reader.

    i am in a period of inward looking
    right now. hopefully something
    will break for the new year!




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