Thursday, December 3, 2009


In the dream, reality is bifurcated:

One reality is a strange funereal scene in which the child self of
Jean-François Champollion is laid out on a stone bier in a long
narrow stone gallery and the miniature multiplying Anubis
attendants of Osiris are trying to remove the child's heart
to weigh it, but there just keeps being more heart to come out.
The heart is like a vast, flabby enormous liver, and its meaning is
something along the lines of an endless oracular mirrored lobe text,
but it is a text that constantly changes. Sometimes, the various
morphologies of the heart-liver retract, flex, or expand, and it's
as if it's intelligent, yet mistaken. Osiris hasn't instructed
the Anubis clones to read the heart-liver oracle by handling, but
by weighing, but the heart's end cannot be reached. It's not
something Osiris had counted on, and on his green face, a sort
of red blush appears..

The other reality is that of a grotesque and dirty apartment
where a drunken man is being robbed by junkies. It seems
that the man who is passed out is actually dreaming the dream
about Champollion. On closer inspection of the man, his skin
seems to boil. He is full of hieroglyphs? The junkies are like
shadows. Like obsidian smoke. They are also called
'clothes without bodies'.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, definitely, reality is exactly like this.

    Verisimilitude (the endless oracular mirrored lobe text) may be a bit much for Osiris, but it's nothing Anubis can't handle.

    (Clothes without bodies better off in cold weather than bodies without clothes.)

    Pure bifurcated brilliance.


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