Friday, December 4, 2009

Meta-Bozza and Litter

mon hithertwine mix mutton chopin
pli, ne' nether nethyl
breath all oil lest water to term its
sty laired aerie follicle
twice open atrium you burst
with birds

o flagellum of melanism
meek sleek ichor writhings
tube treble wobble

Sabine's snipe is of
a black hydrocarbon
forming part of rochlederite
black and gelatinous
an elemental rising
from natural ink holds

a chaopurr's

dream quietly lady laddy adder madding
asp wish supple kinsmet
karma maximus sircuse its fuseam
lordent fasabrensile
chessum to hape

no ilg
adder allodium
award nadra natra
od ardure
baud blue chare
cheap cheese chel
gewlinkian blaw kerjan
kehren kase kosi kesi
natara whence karen

leak oki pooklia
ewlenkan crab cherry kirsa
chip klenk coff
chlobo my krampe krakkon craquer
cask dweller
kippan sato sozo
kranu crawl creep kuddi

dag im dear dell den
delgen scepeno
le gruova

grub Lecercle
I dollop lyricerony
maintop potty
futile bottom
chief north funder pour
purd off undus

and cupe ki
fud futte
and raith graedig mourning

many penys
bolster bridge care

emboss gate

greedy impale
the batty fit
aperient aneling
some by handy nor all
ioyes a mann
bona fide tax
bossawes to little cou
bent babble aver


They found Edward.

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