Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stony Mogpag

It is not that I am insensitive,

I am insensate

bludgeoned into an omen of
enshabala helioscopic
whose foose foose
of tingling grit
fouls the
perfume bottle
gear helixes
whose amorphous

is like a stacking
of flapjacks
flapjack kitten mermaids
in french scrabble holderlin
in split level croondoo mimium

dino weather

green yeti railroad symbol hat

dimple balance pylon door
your bell rack mast sail obelisque
is arc at

Stony Mogpag


  1. Funniest dang thing Lanny, when I saw this (above):

    knobby sonny bono tires
    and places tree head
    crack pipe padding
    into slack coconutted head gondoloa

    ...There was awakened in me not only a grateful memory of your wonderful sonny bono ode of yore, but a strange autonomic knowledge that scrolling down a few ratchetings of the lobe-rhythm I would find THAT head revealing the traces of its encounter with THAT tree.

    (Sonny/Stony Mogpag?)

    Archivists of the future seeking intimate knowledge of the psychic secrets of these times need seek no further... but will they get this far?

  2. I tried reading this one
    and I think I finally got an okay version, can't recall.

    thank you so much for commenting
    here. nobody does much
    and you have publishes a lot of books!

    i have not done any readings
    since the 80's.. i did one
    at a house, but it must not
    have done too good, cuase nobody
    ever asked again.

  3. that word


    really made me laugh
    when it gave birth
    to itself

    that is a funny word
    i thought


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