Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Earth stands for all the players

I give you a number which you do not like,
but here I am, a gentle man, full of nothing
but what innocent substance has bequeathed me
wholly, and even
if I were to become a red-skinned demon,
my ultimate and most generous
violence would only recapitulate
the absolute peace
which is mind
at every turn
torment, abandon,

Now Father, Now World Earth Mother Storn
bobo owl Athena dean Jimmy sausage wig factory


Ooooh, Ooooh,
do I need to be forgiven?

What have I done?
If you knew

we would all be free
of this eternal consternation
which oddly

is free
and is seemingly something
which leads

only ever we are family
in our huddling
and quiet


virb al brif fur bee


ebb and flow

wolf dna glow

be dream
be merdure




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