Sunday, December 27, 2009

Grass Farmer.

evening dragon petal lingerie
eerily kneel on guard noggin naniwa

deeply vestibuled face of hodad tengu
is filled with uncomfortable populux furniture

what is the difference
in a yeti and a yaksha?

and do chrome green bee vegetable hive banana helmets
have multiple lives within the pavillion
of hive potentiometer blossoms

whose hips
are as a soda
of finest bruhaha
collecting nudie prey
among the donkey bats
and their

fate forever mushy
schizzor tales

exploding conquistador?

ride monster alligator
through mud bell torture heaven
told by

grass, take blue
robin's egg
from Vienna troglodyte
Captain's eyesocket purse
to lose among the billiard

green solvent savvy
as navy cujo.

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