Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lazy All Day With Alphonse Allais...

through the woods where the djinn is piled up in fright
talk and drink gin or a hundred cups of cold milk

through the woo'd swear the genius pi, le dupe a ferrite
tall candor or inky generous hounds cup breasts of golden milk

the living dog brassiere
whose head wings bark
out over the creamy biceps

drink gin if you must
but cold milk takes the shape
of a bolting thief
who passes through the wall

the sheik's ear
has been taken

the space ship
is something along the lines
of a gigantic cat-like ideogram

where the d go b and the g go d


the j approachement


the jibbed ram

aah, a twin paddle wheel steamer
whose beod or chassis
is not unlike the head of a ram

and the wheels
are inside of the curling horns
which cause an acoustic effect
through the hydraulic compression

the paddle teeth only catching
under the water

would it work?

No I think It would
rather be lazy!

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