Thursday, December 31, 2009

The genus is confined to North America, the center of its distribution in California.

And I do not know the history
of the American domesticated housepoem,
nor do I know the story
of the American historical wildpoem,
but I can guess.

I do not know, but I do know
that when a cold heartedly
warm hearted person meets
a warm heartedly cold hearted
person, it is love
at first bite.

When it is being other,
I touch it with a stick.

When otherness is jiggling near,
and almost menacing, I touch it
with a stick.

When otherness slides up
the stick, Steve McQueen Blob
Racecar heart

of deomestic wildpeom

I touch it
with a stick.

And the stick is from
a Ceanothus tree.

A small tree
like me
once wild
now free
in domesticity
living in the
of the housepoem,
in the American
historical wildhouse.

Here comes a bum to take my bottles.
Here comes an American wild domestic bumpoem
to take my historical domesticated housebottles,
now free.

Free of me.

I lay
like Rip Van Winkle
in the eye of the twinkle,
I just lay there

and grow.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pedimare's Bigangan

Siva tympani
violet searchlights
from overhanging forehead

the herb-clock
culminates rapidly
synthetic lens stalk

dried beast
moistened under laboratory conditions
yields stock lapses
of yeast rendered
to nature's lantern
one step closer
to hiding
all bezesteen

may i empress you
with topological smile face lantern
at bottom of wine cup

will you
toward Shandoyes'
owl almed
blew coats

the california badged
inversions of headache
you brought deep within your
maze of butterfly chairs
to heap with solifidianist

grass wide
air of gaunt
and nutoural

like bats
in a bundle

or figs
for buttons

on a coat of comely
wide lidded
printed agrupie

I Give You Head In A Dirty Landmine

Glass earcorn may sprout
where the clapping of hands
sends its jive electric
motor wing ici finit
la sentimentalite'

a lad cradling his bear
floating lost
on the ocean
in an old iron bell

Dave Bowman
buying ice cream
inside your movie
left with actual

illuminated floors
of spooky galactive disco
before the invention
of the screw

the Bee Gees
entered old Japanese
folk tales to escape
from clapping hands
acid ivory reflux

thing mind
drowns in rampant applets
lad cradling his bear
in syncopated sonorous whirlwinds



Mark's bad breath
or the boots
of the tennis mornings

who does not remember
Vir non omnino stupidus

J the T



Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Absolute Negation Is Space But Pleasure

If I happen to smell
his condom
on your fingers
I hope you will

think of my brain
in the condom of an elk

and my empty skull
stuffed with some rampant
an unforgiving caterpillar
fatted on anise
and time

doth my barque
eck upon the river
of candelabrass

and hear

I lay my golden knight boat
on your shore
with its face of pipe organs
screaming like a hurricane

of possible pastoralities

fox dimple
touched by dew

i never knew you
and you never once heard
the curlew
of my

wholly unconscious voice

Like an Owl Whose Cuspidor of Snow Is Wedded Unto Must

timely is the test of snow
whose heart has many owls
whose nest is broken
into comforts, still,
and is burning
in this laptop

i break out
the good shit
and lay back
in mother luxury's

great wonder

i am only a device

please help me
find some protocol
to move my gamepiece

or back
or down
or bring out
the good shit
in my hopeful family
of enemies

whose friendly
comes poignantly
leaving me perfected

a joke
broken upon the silence

the mouse's love
toward the owl
at first touch
before the beak
sets in the flesh

the cold release
from warmth
and war for the mmth

mouth gag soldier
go off
to embroider
go off to join the upholstery
of Kthulu Polynesia

our island


Martyrologies, Dishonest Quickies at 7-11

By making an example of me,
they have made an example of
themselves, for I was the bearer
of an actual righteousness,
a biggie sized cellphone frittata
whose absolute regatta
would place the phasmid of failure
in its highest abode

the house of the fey lure
la Fée Verte

to pay the piper

ars sys
noise sun
nau sum

and nausea
at the roots

the roots
decked with overhanging


the only virt to fear (veer) [vers]
est viewer hiss cell f

look upon my topos
O demons of the pit

look deep into the vacuum
of my absinthe

there is no vacuum
but the golden calve

delve to valve
and half the vulva's

all boo minne
but all return to her

biggie size
this thing
it knows you

pomme fritz

upon its


baby buggy bunny

Sol: "To bling or not to bling.."

wearing its fucked up
mandrake truffle locket

Monday, December 28, 2009

Delorean's Cummerbild

lake night glad
it proffers


imagine coral

now live inside it
for its fins cannot be
for face value

or exudata prodigieuse



tofu purple hurl couch
whose perimeter exhibition control

any idea form extant
yields erection
as deployment

or Klarf fils export
says [but not slowly]

do erf curf uly


pensive are the remaining gardens
whose silence has been challenged
by clunk

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

My cat Patchen
had a hairball
that looked like
an electrified
mucosial ambrosial
ram slipper
eel train

Happy Birthday
Baby Jesus

My wife Kara
made a pot of
beans and rice
and sang and
and said
all the night

Happy Birthday
Baby Jesus

I know a lady
who wears a tricorne
over each breast for
a brassiere, she also
has a cellphone
buttermaid ceramic
cellphone thing
in her ear
shaped like a tear

Happy Birthday
Baby Jesus

I see little rats
running Ranches
named "Fats"
and their spats
are fine
like gelatinous
frisbee wine
lsd oceanic
coral machines

Happy Birthday
Baby Jesus

I would put a dollop
of weasel chutney
in your chin divot
if you would just
stop loving

Alphonse Daudet
so much
with you murg chop
and gideon scarab klaxon's
albino nought nought

is a pretty girl
that goaly's

Happy Birthday
Crazy Feces

Grass Farmer.

evening dragon petal lingerie
eerily kneel on guard noggin naniwa

deeply vestibuled face of hodad tengu
is filled with uncomfortable populux furniture

what is the difference
in a yeti and a yaksha?

and do chrome green bee vegetable hive banana helmets
have multiple lives within the pavillion
of hive potentiometer blossoms

whose hips
are as a soda
of finest bruhaha
collecting nudie prey
among the donkey bats
and their

fate forever mushy
schizzor tales

exploding conquistador?

ride monster alligator
through mud bell torture heaven
told by

grass, take blue
robin's egg
from Vienna troglodyte
Captain's eyesocket purse
to lose among the billiard

green solvent savvy
as navy cujo.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merlin Is An Origami Bowtie Hog

Winter Heather Locklear
pierre its revery

game hen
game hen

in traditional japanese home
whose floor
opens into rock space
into rocks that look like bones

and soba

As Author, and Child Grace Whodinought
I am expected to pull

This Heather Locklear
from the stone.

and Merlin
is the obi
of a fine
mountain boar.


could not grow young again
out of a star to wear its
exultant firmament

as if the whole universe
were its only shoddy suit
or fishing for the blind

transparent manta
of its monocle, a blind
transparent mantis

its every action like
a prayer in collapsing
self-complicating folds

Lamartine's dream
of Jonah, oh springtime
bird in passage.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Individual and Community » Blog Archive » Vegetarian Spider Found

Individual and Community » Blog Archive » Vegetarian Spider Found


Absurdism's Blog For Intelligence


Guranee.. Guraneeeeea..
your robot head snake helmet
descend to me, your electrolux
snake-locks logos appear~
Guranee.. Guraneeeeea..
i dawn the shell, put on the bell,
the waves enform, and thought is born~
Guranee.. Guraneeeeea..


a reddish corncob pipe
slowly turns into a smooth
wet black amphibian skinned
nude woman pipe.


each nipple
is a red city.

Within the red city,
formal red machine knights.

These are the twin cities of Karne',
whose name is the memory of meat.

And the last piece of meat
is still the ruler.

It lays enthroned on a banquette
smoking a pipe like a cheshire cat.
A sort of super-intelligent furred caterpillar
whose mind is the whole
of a parallel universe
of processing power.

Here come the erotic dancing aluminum skeletons
none of whose parts actually touch. here come
the liquid data snakes which use them as their

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Orgastic Potency

Serfdom in Bushy Collars

Fuck Robert Duncan
whose lips are made of reeds
submerged in old polar bears

penguin golem!
penguin golem!
Oklahoma dong beetle
uprising teepee
holds mastadon owl
who gives birth to
cinnabar diving bell
Tuxedose of lace
the great short stories
of the world
whose generation,

signal processing,
and sensing

are as an analogy
of chemistry
become an emblematics
skittering and handless

hologram cuffs
tended by Eskimo shamans
with curly weasle teeth


whose tiny chinese fortune says

blue apple throwing stick
xenocentric bugbear


Earth stands for all the players

I give you a number which you do not like,
but here I am, a gentle man, full of nothing
but what innocent substance has bequeathed me
wholly, and even
if I were to become a red-skinned demon,
my ultimate and most generous
violence would only recapitulate
the absolute peace
which is mind
at every turn
torment, abandon,

Now Father, Now World Earth Mother Storn
bobo owl Athena dean Jimmy sausage wig factory


Ooooh, Ooooh,
do I need to be forgiven?

What have I done?
If you knew

we would all be free
of this eternal consternation
which oddly

is free
and is seemingly something
which leads

only ever we are family
in our huddling
and quiet


virb al brif fur bee


ebb and flow

wolf dna glow

be dream
be merdure





One of my earliest memories is gathering gangs of boys in the fields
to build trench forts and hold odd, creative wars with one another
using some native plant that we called spear grass, or bear grass.
I could not have been more than five, as I am sure I had not started
first grade, nor learned to ride a bike. We would work for days
like collective and war-like bower-birds building our groove-like
outposts of thatched mesquite, and would sit brooding under the
hot Texas sun doing nothing much more than staring at the dust
and shadows of the den we had made. There was no tobacco yet,
no alcohol, no pornography, nothing but our eyes. Oh, we may have
looked at plants, or pulled the legs off a grasshopper or two,
watching the legs kick, or squeezing the thighs to make them kick,
and I do remember collecting bowls of tadpoles and stealing fish
food to feed them. I cannot remember a single one of those boys,
nor who they later turned out to be, and it seems like only one Summer
that we had our gangs, and our wars. With the bicycle came individuality,
and then later bicycle gangs, and then racing among the bowls
that the former gangs of boys had left us, in their namelessness,
and ours.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Popeye Dons Spinach Armor with Liquid Spinach Juice Scuba Emerald Jade Bollock Elbow Wands

we go on sleeping together
in the hollow brain thing
while the vast armadas
of arguing orchestras
go down on each other
for infinite times

we are slathered
in ducks and ponies
and thoughts like

peach colored mandrills
with quivering chrome
moth antenna

must carry candelabras
of wizened comsunptive silenus
of silence's sky-lens'd science
signing in ignus ala sang

through malachite
windmill helices
draped in bhang

is a sloping field
down to where
new flowers
tenderly wig

dopey koala

put off
by brusque

by laundry detergent

in exhausted
anaphora mandate chili
to become a portrait:

1589 Puttenham

Trans Am Parked At the Base of a Cellphone Tower.

a fliptop amoeba cellphone's nosering
twitters her tits' fitness instructor:

explosions of milk
become anthropomorphic octopi
waltzing among the beaches
in nothing but their
ringtones, and you'll notice
puffy nipple fetish hybridizers
live quaintly pedestrian lives
of bdsm in high alp italian
econo-castles, bacterical frankensteins
yodeling equestrian code parasites
for instrumentalized externalized
stimulus analog objectification
dowsing principle conduits
symbolized by cellphones
in shaggy yogi beard beads
of elevator parts fabricated
from green bread hymnal cathodeons
ala foo munch ewe, total
reflection as epiphenomal
ontic calculationisms,
set species ontolog.

You brush your teeth
with my breast enhancements.

I give your phone number
to a telephony survey cult
whose fitness cartel
of ex-playboy bunny free-swimming
nipple revolutionaries
toast to brain death
with perfected intelligence

an archaic kiss
standing in the sun
its own superlatively gentle
mudra of crypto-constructionist
nonsense critischism

unity in difference
deference in un-ity

a cellphone says:
i can't here myself ring!

That's because my breast-enhancement amoebas
have filled your mang dynasty ear canal

whose louvers
are like

total sex wax, dude,

trans am.

Women Do Not Desire Me.

the free swimming eyeball
whose brain and body
is the whole ocean
gets curious one day
and follows a portuguese
man of war.

i post a placard.

neuron subjectivity.

through the thin purple skin
i see the little eyeball smile,
and put on its conquistadores

i guess eyeballs
like spains, bettern

Monday, December 21, 2009

Von Boheim's Lapis Tool

A stone of mixed display
enters toward the cavern covenant
its surface

storm adhesive underwriters
mixing itself up in history
confusing the display with itself
itself with dis' play

the loss of memory
the new culture
the loss of culture
the new memory

jade catacomb biology extract
unto fox impasto accelerant

patrocine glimmer coagulant
evoking wueald
upon the momentary
cluster stair mirage

Mahi (Chant for Erzulie Freda)

It's luck, oh! O, it's luck, oh!
It's not a magic charm that you
it's luck, oh!
Grande Erzulie Frieda,
it's luck that you have.
it's not a magic charm that you
it's luck, O Mistress.

taken from Milo Rigaud's Secrets of Voodoo, 1914, City Lights.



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Li Xi Abdomine

Francis Picabia


I want objects
Like pagan alcohol
To scrawl the stomach of reason
And the cock's crow
To curse the sun
The devil's pastime
Whims what happiness
I proceed entirely
At random.

Trans. by Willard Bohn

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Bad Oyster is Diffused with Aloe.

Wanda is trapped
in the tughra of roads,
or hallways, always looping,

light headed.
A Scandinavian ferris wheel.

Wanda makes
minimal plans.

She has a wooden
box, a Venus

A hat.
A satrap.

Powerful Ancient Curse

hekau the herd hearth
do not judge egg
dust powered by motes
set revealing om
tease dream
its diaspora
gracefully descending
from the wide flat cap
the persian porch
whose name was solvent

power words
the collage
from its vestibule
missing whatsoever
is critical
but leaving the area

its own inertia
set revealing om
tender scarring of ingot
the metal muscle
of a floor
grown vortex-like
and made perilous
by solvent named

the principle column
of its water supported by
a nose attached to a gazer
looking heavenward

the appearance of its reason
the submerged agenda of its travail
fitness respects suffering
mindlessness enters the agonies

under goad
hekau the herd hearth
do not judge egg

to sender


lined paper, the Folcanstan
view // its leather cushions

lined lexan remarkable folk stone

1. espionner
2. épier
3. faire de l'espionnage
4. faire de l'espionnage au service de
5. faire de l'espionnage au compte de
6. distinguer
7. remarquer
8. apercevoir
9. voir
10. reconnaître

a page drifts out over channel
a lined page
without a backbone (see index)

including: residences, museums,
libraries, and theaters, hospitals
and nursing homes, churches, air
and truck terminals, retail shops,
restaurants, hotels, industrial parks,
playgrounds, and arenas.

including: plans, diagrams, tables,
and schematics, sections on housing
for the elderly and the handicapped,
including access for the handicapped
to public and government buildings.

a skin
in which Nike
has head

for a long time

Anthony Perkins, no sweater house

orange facing the channel

Charles Bronson, no stain remover
mixed-use inner
Earl of Radnor, Shepways//

husband programs vessel.
husband enacts vessel.
weapon opens inside wife's.
wife involves weaponry's forward ascent.
orange trial space, unity under double.

victim deepens interior.
Quatremere de Quincy.

incidental symbolism of furniture
to local // dark narrative // psychologism


Feudal Japan in
low escarpment valley
to raise the question
of typology in architecture

Ligne à Grande Vitesse
Charles Bronson

dolly brackish oyster haunt
hovering box

watercrest: a comic

Friday, December 18, 2009

Conceptual Comix

Though I doubt if it'll take root, or if it does, if I will be attributed, or if it's even an original thought. But, here is a proto-type of a conceptual comic, otherwise known, as a 'triptych' emphasizing 'trip'..

Diamond in a Goat's Oz

Odd to a diamond in a god's ooze,
Tycho Brahe,
I can throw thee
thick cellphone-baby.

Thick cellphone.
Chunky. Click.

You are a golden nose,
and you hide a wet, snotty, hole,
brought on by astronomer debauchery.

Looking at stars
and reaming much ass
of low class, you have god
you just deserts.

Dirty old Star Gazer!
Nasty old lens witch!

My cellphone get thick
just thinking of your primal twitch,
and your goaty smell
among the brass and stone
of your forlorn castle home.

Giuseppe brought you village girls
you sick old fart. And now you gross
everyone out, with your golden cellphone nose
stuck on with boogers from your clothes.

Do you think you can look up god's ass
like we are forced to see inside
your rotting syphilitic skull
when you pass out

and your nose
vibrates off.

your notes are wrong.

Pickled noses
enter cellphone heaven
on golden dongs.

And noseless astronomers
drinking heavily
must have money to spend
on whores in bed.

It was your last summer
in the burning hurdle
of this damnable oven.

Sweetness, light, joy, yadda.


Contribute a Better Translation.

"contribute sound."

Quand mon téléphone portable
est un poisson rouge égoïstes,
Je le tiens avec alarme,
et ses bras sont fatigués
raisins d'or.

Quand mon téléphone cellulaire est
une raison d'or fatigué,
Je le tiens avec suspicion,
car comment une telle
desséché poissons de
mains de raisin calculer
les saisons de certains
larynx sorcière, dont les
écran de tête est un
boule transparente

Lorsque mon poisson cellulaire
fléchettes à travers les nombreuses
poches de pantalons et vestes
et ne peut pas être trouvé, je me détends
et agir en fiers, et tourner mon
bouche large de toute la ville, jusqu'à ce que
la bête sort de son
linceul, et c'est alors que je
peinture qui poney marinés bon,
car si une robe tourbillonnant de bois
se tient devant un feu avec un coupé
tête bavardage intérieur de son mouvement,
cul d'une femme peut être réchauffé.

Il est un téléphone portable
dans mon gants matelassés à la tasse
un cul chaud de poissons frétillant
avec bras de raisins secs blonds
faire siffler, ou de raconter
tout le centre-ville singes aquatiques
le processus secret
de cette sonnerie d'Alchemy
processus rigoureux.

Oh, blonde cul de téléphone cellulaire de poisson
dont les seins sont les amibes
conversation des elfes, pouvez-vous
arrêtent de nager dans mon pantalon vieux
et venez respirer comme moi
dans cette coupure de journal
tente le style de vie
de Michael Jackson qui
une fois érigé un mur de pierre
autour de son royaume de fées.

Et chérie, si un téléphone portable
est dans ton cul, je peux appeler
vous vivaneau aîné brun, tandis que
vos yeux roulent en arrière dans votre tête,
vous soufflante zombie dont rectale
a obtenu la communication
avec la tête d'un poisson-armé
raisonnement cellule, d'un gel amibe
général dont l'armée donne
directives à laver avec Tide,
et encore et encore il glisse,
comme une lanterne décroissant
dans une chaussette longue qui
cache ses orteils à l'intérieur
téléphone cellulaire de ces bosquets,
avec Hebdomeros dont le fantôme
est fait de afros or.


When my cellphone
is a selfish goldfish,
I hold it with alarm,
and its arms are tired
raisins of gold.

When my cellphone is
a tired golden reason,
I hold it with suspicion,
for how can such a
dessicated fish of
grape hands calculate
the seasons of some
larynx witch, whose
head screen is a
transparent globule
of electrons.

When my cellphone fish
darts through the many
pockets of pants and jackets
and cannot be found, I relax
and act proud, and shoot my
mouth off all over town, until
the beast comes out from its
shroud, and it is then that I
paint that pickled pony good,
for if a whirling dress of wood
stands before a fire with a severed
head chattering inside its bustle,
a woman's ass can be warmed.

There is a cellphone
in my hotpad to cup
a warm ass of wriggling fish
with arms of golden raisins
making hiss, or telling
any aquatic ape downtown
the secret process
of this ring tone alchemy's
rigorous process.

O blonde ass cellphone fish
whose amoeba tits are the
conversation of elves, can you
stop swimming in my old pants
and come to breathe like me
in this newspaper clipping
tent about the lifestyle
of Michael Jackson who
once erected a stone wall
around his fairy kingdom.

And deary, if a cellphone
is in your ass, I can call
you "Old Brown Bass" while
your eyes roll back in your
head, you zombie whose rectum
has acheived communication
with the head of a fish-armed
reasoning cell, an amoeba gel
general whose army gives
directives to wash with Tide,
and on and on it glides,
like a lantern descending
inside a long sock which
hides its toes inside
these cellphone groves,
with Hebdomeros whose ghost
is made of golden afros.

Cortex Malverde

O does this green chain
come from the navel of Edgar
Allan Poe whose fleece is
white as snow, whose lips
are green as chimneys made
of pips, like sailors
in sunk ships now sleeping
far below?

Green Chain?

Yes, I do see a green chain,
like a sausage rope of brains
pulled from an esophageal head
like some bauble made of lead
and plummeting to earth away
from me, who, left standing
on the balcony, holds the rope
of brains.

Green Chain?

Yes, now I see the bulbous skein
as held by Ray Milland who feeds
the brain rope down into a machine,
whose description I would be pleased
to feed down upon this page.

Green Brains?

Yes, and in a chain, fed down into
the parasite oddity machine poem animal,
a giant jeweled skeleton dog-head snake
flashing and sparking with electrical hairs,
and bearing a blowhole where, the green
chain enters in, to swim down into the sluicing
drain which is in fact a mouth, insane,
for gobbling and gobbling is its name,
a joke upon the pain, gob ling, gob lang,
here comes the strang of brains,

and Ray Milland plays his part
like Alfalfa with his fuse or spring,
an acceptable change, from the character
of Edgar Allan Poetry.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tikum Mbah Azonga, Cameroon

After watching Clair Denis' wonderful movie Chocolat
with Kara tonight, I did a google search and came up
with what I think is a pretty interesting poem by
Tikum Mbah Azonga of Cameroon. I post some of the contextual
verbiage as well because it has an odd terminology.

Categories: Life Poems & Sorry Poetry
Viewed 223 times
Author: Tikum Mbah Azonga, Cameroon



22. Scape goat

People can say whatever they like
It doesn’t bother me one bit
It isn’t because you say the sun is a traitor
That it then becomes one.

I may have crossed the bridge on bike
But is that why I am treated like a hermit?
Instead of blackmailing me, why not see my mentor?
How can any man worth his salt sink so low?


In the sloppy, smoky
bingo parlor, barely an
eyebrow raised
as snailman burst in
to proclaim,

O, Being!

Then leave a can
of aspic on the floor.

Fortress of Solitude.

Death To the ORACLE! Be Damned!

They 'feel' their micropolitics, as
if in 'feeling' they could understand
the yawning and horse-faced chasm
opened up by the ridiculum of something
like panlogism. Only what is rational
is truly real? I put it to you ladies
and gentlemen of the court: What is
rational about reality? And what, prey
tell, do any of you know of reality,
here on Earth, or elsewhere, but what
isn't informed by your rationale? Damn you..
The universe has stomped flat reality,
and 'the rational'. Man and Woman have
stomped flat the rational. Intelligence
is nothing to do with rationality and
everything to do with arranging spaces,
volumes, eras of seeming. It is lonely here,
romantic, and sinister. The oracle has already
spoken, and I go to my tomb thinking only
of octopus candles on a lovely dreary
morning, and the love of women.

drawing by Ed Benson, 2009, Hong Kong

The Dry Mouthed Trojan Whittling Fish Pants For Eagles

blue tents hover
in open ears, and
the wild herald kraal
of the armadillo people
has set its saloon aloft
above the lavyrinth
of snake-ribbed
yoga condom shacks
where Cheshire Einstein weevils
braid their electric beard fluff
into comedy hammock flag suppositions
or grandma making lip noises
while she dances to today's
mostly chalky red ghost sand

nothing to stir
but fins in the gravy
its bucktooth teeth
are sunglasses, and radiators
hiding caterpillar gordian eyes
whose inner galleries
are delicate dried flower-like rooms
of aesthetic robot ballet
or any old erotic android coral
we happen to fish up out
of abstract stockings
unifying Rome
under the banderole
of Terminull Syntaxity

/thw face grindlr/

any infinite info lobsters
give to their luscious
dark ushers saccadic masques
whose characters are lines
whose contours have been
extracted from oblique views
of wrapping themselves around
lost volumes

section of line
falling along the absent
horse head


or any gaspish juppe
of inconsciently
prysauntere to
bulchin the prest

drawing by Ed Benson, Hong Kong, 2009

Positive Christmas Traction. Suction Chaos Syringe Beast Angel

(BOTTLE tuxedoed hog This
galloping green contents
of trilemmic Boullee (anonpoem)

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Tuesday, February burned he reached
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vivunt Vitrine MESSAGE IN A shed;
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occurred him, from the albedo fountain
matched it flew BLUE pig squeals Gaia

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world-soda The sign Of low estate, than

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12 only this in our cities. seduce
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among the Native American tradition
juxtaposition)and at the 2002 1:15 PM

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to unborn. Date: Date: concrete leather
tri-corn world unknown Save to required river,

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The North replace it floats
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church Spring, A natural voice
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Tuesday, November seventh parted
as she that had not ruins of create
Whence that strange model Bell for our

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And all searched The Almagest;
and, Monday, Laughing, I but the had

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The constellations, Cassiopeia's balloon

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There's Mitty by-pass up tallow. birth

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snap darkness called, "I saw is
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hours on hours, And the beard

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Tuesday, of no head UP helmet

trosopopoeia forrests naked duck feet
7. face -- im clay jug-helmet -
literally genius-mud against the delta

to produce more next generation
of You managed Cheese acid-giallo
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to bloodstone prepared by the
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February fallen our slimed saddle

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of Tycho saw a nightjar your
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and the a whine see a hut
bostonipollio silence. I

of see its hypersonic
rain Modag to scratching
at the topmost summit, whence

trashy in the books Of
Stadius, with VIOLENCE.
for American and bassoon

the shopping with
carved colonial dozen
of EDEN micans'* for

drawings by Ed Benson, Hong Kong, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Head Is Totally Munched

That the world's tensility
is somewhat lacking is disturbing
to the acrobatic supremitous within
or even if the opposition's court,
its courtiers and promoters are like
okay, or even if their flag
is like this humorous puddle
of soggy napkins speaking
mustache to a turnip;
I return unto a world
of diving board crowns
worn by ninja king clowns
whose radially flowing snake foam diver organs
give taffy helmeted bliss nibbed personages
hovering lens constellations
chuckling in broken tairlimondes
having just enough of the courage
to spend time with almonds
and the toy vomitusks of saints
whose pants are flair
with razors
into meat comics
stopping traffic
in its giant red wedding dress

the long movie
in which the marbled continents
involve themselves
to the brink
of abstract violin

way lame theft of camera
conjoin ashram
to spasm collective

weird haircuts
on unknown people

image of dog
dressed like Raja Whatcha
carrying the fascinating
Ouspenskian time toroid
aquarium saddle emblem

vac vascula
mog pay clox

drawing by Ed Benson, Hong Kong, 2009

Sex and Capitalism, God and Ideology, Humor and Language.

[1] I do not get them, and
they do not get me, the
generative has eated upon
the extra-teratology
of the cloying senses
in their frequented

This tires me, but I am
chained, chained by a brain
to realities which feel
like they can never be escaped,
and which seem completely unique
and exquisitely useless.

What purpose is there
to make a person feel bad, to make
of them the yrming wrecca, a boedling,
a hermaphrodite, or girly man,
when all of life is already that?

Not exactly good. Foucault upon
Roussel. Freud on Sexuality.

And one might say, well, one chooses
to feel bad, and I have to refute this,
and say, no, others have decided
to make others feel bad, they have
given thought to test the feeling
upon the other's brain, they have
held their face, spoken in a such
like manner, and have hidden the sun.

It is from these soft lover's games
that murder is born, murder
or genius, crossness, figured
as a double warded key, or note,
knotted by thee.

Genius is not inborn, except
as a reaction to the worthless
cawing of randomly gathered crows,
"a din of corvine voices".
Worthless, or cross.

Genius is a blue orb in the
black sea of corvine emptiness,
calling itself peace, space,
and as for me, I too, hide suns of
orgiastic angels joining together
in flares, suns whose ecstasy is
encased in the line, dully
replicated, and laid out on
the page to describe some
weary body viewing nature through

Venetian blinds:

[2] Gondola my heart
face lace black mask
is must be is
the wrecked ship
somehow eructile
luff and laugh
holding hands
strewn with sea weed
the masts
the whole skeleton
strewn pile
cocked or jaunted
to be a damned

drawing by Ed Benson, Hong Kong, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Bone callers T


Stop Visible Speech



caulk TOW
or oakum

for stuffing

drawing by Ed Benson, Hong Kong, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fussy Our Ancest, and Spindly the Doubt Before Spinozoans

If matter is itself structured like thought,
how could there fail to be "universal intelligence"?
And if this is so, does this have to refute something
like atheism or its opposite? What if the universe is
a brain, a brain whose body is absence, is elision.
If matter is itself structured like thought, shouldn't
it's opposite be as well?

Tamp fit nont, a
high faux shell
is held upon the spout
cupping the soft
clubhouse organelles.

Beatty, in ten piece,
just makes out the complex
action of the compound window
when suddenly; promotion.

Now able to walk up flagpoles
or sing, the elongated jaw
cannot excuse its own
windsock lantern combose.

Nope is certainly the distant
or distributional relative of
anything remotely dawning pons,
glass helmet unify mage i know

Rows of glass eyes in stucco go
unnoticed for glorious echidna
emblem delta.