Monday, September 18, 2017

a happy poem from an incorruptible void

harangue a tanguloid
gurang a trang a lloyd

the lying gall wept
upon its wart
and boil which bled
in much pus
and weeping
of worthlessness

a large pail
a bucket
a slopper
a robust and messy sememic
semen of hyle
go hylem forlangue oranguklang
no do not go
to endosymbiotic viral nucleogenesis
scrabble places

hard tack
hard scrabble
and rock candy fountain

do not lie
where fulangurang gap
pangs pong
in psydong kong
you can say anyting
ting for example
words are lines
and words are sounds

most gurangufozzadangs
harangue a tabloid
space to bang

banging space
oh idiot beast flesh purpose
bang till you clog
the monocle
with meat noises
bang til your meat top hat spirit
blows its cookies and chops
and blasts its slop
with a flop

who so chortles
at the chortlins

i really wish you would
and if you want to see "outsider art"
just look at poor old planet earth
for 1.2 billion years

wall of wriggling
iggling idiot beauty
chained in a cave
to the idea of freedom

now there's a flag idea
hang out the lungs
on the outside

lung face
two eyes ovaries
and two eyes

you four-eyed
beaver dam

clog it all up
with dumb junk

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