Tuesday, September 19, 2017

An Untranslatable Song From Within the Universal Translator

leaf this sound tree
in gamó cucumber with brother
to pick up the stranger's head well
and to scythe in almost all positions

tree wing or fig tree ġala
for in the town I would be tallow
or more often a war
for us to go to
We may be instead poor
our former five in milk tigress bird
his or her chest rice with which I am playing

some tower poor son saga
his fist mouth hermit crab baldness powder sleigh
our quick humor ball unseen
and crowded
it blew its head best
our sun February to have
said the mule
so let now marble sills
be not poor

but loose upon another
of the one vroage good road
uh-huh to suck lawful of these would
bring sadness' friend
the expensive

I am thick
as the leopard agha toothed baby
a poor rain chair
to carry the win

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