Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Golden Mass

Salammbô's locust table
whose monkeys tumble right
into their chairs
to decide
to exchange these other meanings
for eatings
these other devices
for their horns
to blast or bay where the scorn is served
upon the flattest stone
the hardest widest warmest
and most beautiful stone
and the central effect of its
davis, ronet, or trille

a grey and brain-like Pomeranian
is eating a locust
which buzzes still in our mouth
temir komuz
and lays with the stones
and suns and bridle oceans'
feat grille blue repast
to mæghæmed
they molecule

but their writing is a golden mass
before the eye of cloud
but never ours
ours is the tumbling of monkeys
where the gall pierces the table

it is no fair carving
layer upon layer upon layer
down into the emptiness
of the layering module

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