Friday, September 22, 2017


ah foon

it is said you are a monster
because you embody enigma
and it is also said
that you are an enigma
because of your monstrous construction

ah foon

there is only construction
only the ministry of the skeins
the cupping to the essences
in their deep unbending blends

brend foon lie
or cast

peramble if you will
and you will notice
a bizarre life
performed by riffled

these old vernacular masks
are buck-toothed
and crony-eyed

the abstract conference
of planes or memories
in lies may be
a shed
or a basin
or a well-awn who like a joke
strong cuffs will grapes
and chains

it is said a symbol of unfreedom
would be placed before them
as freedom

mashes to ashes
incest to dust

it is said
that antelope hearths
are the diagrams
of specific louses

ah foon
actions were long
a schizogony

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