Monday, September 18, 2017

von dew

a faun is awhirl
a grass parasol
under which the world
is wed
the wet world projected upon
its own side
so that this world
is an image

a faun
carries an abstract image
upon and inside
its body
what hunter
what hunter's brush
could found a red sun
in the empire
of this boundless faun's


some wooden faun
erected by a painted spring
a carved summer's day
a winter
a loosening

whereby the scattered spots
would know a valley
would envelop
an entire cause
no entire cause is known
no dapple herald
the great and dark crown
the jeweled birds whose
is something

dew born large
against the walkways
of terrorist caterpillars
and do
take this example
or any example known
as some example

to bring before the bone
the catacombous tone
tome or contention
which wandering everywhere
at once should take
its own faun
its faun to do
an answer

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