Thursday, September 21, 2017

Acro-Pinakestes (on sewing)

huddanj n'ho
hem dazde
gaem ca-jiit m'huc

who dances in the hole
their hems dazzling with gems
their tongues hung
from hooks

gem sheet call
sewing tongue hems dancing
in the whole

whoodden and whidden no
viziiata asruuatem huddanj n'ho
dazde snake-hook navel
no whole barred
cross (their gem tongues) gravel
gavel atca hiiat tahem
maniiu jasaetem pauruuim
dazde gem lip hem
gaemca ajiiatimca yaoaca
anjhat apemem
anjhuss draguuatam
at assaune vahisstem mano
for that snake hole apeman

a spacesuit full of singing snakes
a wind herb doll for burning
all words deepend on your mirror
yemax afna asruuatem
the good and the bad are twins
who sleep together
in a tongue

hung from a hook
dancing in a hole
with gem hem sheet pages
their snake bed astronaut
which bleed
hiiat va toi namanam
verezena pauruuiia

whatever it is
that invigorates you most
yuvoi huuvok keh

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