Monday, September 18, 2017

after Rousseau

after they blister / their forms
become dolphins
their oil a cobra in the backbone of M
and its congealed pond beam
Los Angeles is replacing a fellatio
fellating a groaning hieromancy
of / to a pickled rectum

this palisade submerges a frightened rapture
the emotional love Pageant although cool
cool usually means epistemology itself
in a series but also alot of tree
(sitrep fades) bory

in the round white windowless days Did he
pumping ☆ actuate upon a ridge sized
inkling of can be linking depressing or board

causing the muscular monster
of oak venus medical day is
somehow cunnilinguis sucking up
octahedrons illuminated caressingly by feet
who coo
who epistomology but are of
obscure flat lost down in the valves
of moss hill basically
the lathe of heaven!

Less stares at Los Angeles' symbolic surface
and finding all this essence is what takes
this vibrating track rhyme dusk ∞
tainted black iron
it was our time since the reader had led awhile
among the gunelle and perhaps a
the bo cool sun
Xieqiangkuoou who sins

Give time since activity in contraption
the on glue whatever smear my smeared
between age sweet and interlinking components
which contravene
in actuality
a rite of absurd presence
where scale and love are cognates
and hate mad
the ground which looks like odd machine bladders
opening up to the logic of widerspenstig und starrköpfig
(seeds or letters which float through the puzzle border)
'now agency wipes the scroll' (peri-hatoo
and turns all palm up leaf
uncanny renaissance mannerism (restive autoclave
some news you've drawn there
the peaks and valleys all united
within their own exclusive surfaces


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