Monday, September 18, 2017

Tumbaco voe

inch blossom close inti
and with the fum thumb tool
the rain should be over by ate
so that the parade continue hon

book laps
the open open bloom
the book window doom
there by an open stream
with its shun signing up
form the pages
we are apt design
for its wild unfettered cages
slithering and invisible

the winged snake
with star head
and flower ladder shagged chin
screens the restaurant laid
for away this dusk
upon the artist's name noll
glad to see them shake hands that way
before the construction of the estuary
broke news its mind joke history
kells stook a stork scab stoa
no drainage craft could convey

hissing well bellies
and them starveling and dropped from heights
faro primitive in means
but complex in action
and reaction or staid braids shimmer lit
the lit staves acted as a synecdoche
to the ritual gland display remover afflexis

sayhuite golgi organelle
lift clown orgy mineral image
to writing backwards its fed
cervelets curve fluraging

sgamerà purmasive glami
vilt magarmacch cloon
ah volksraden

gavel high legomenon
the cotocollau will carry obsidian

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