Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fang'yokana Semiotic Delirium Poem

it's a dreamy world
on an old engawa veranda
the drifting uneven grooves
of hemlock flooring
and vibrating outlines
of cedar ceiling planks
resemble lost kanas
sounds gently resting on older symbols
patterns of choices
barely discernible:

foot martial arts martial arts can be
added to the spider mosquitoes
the author's grass scattered
too much of his hand
that man is also difficult
seven fish dishes
eight Fang Fang Fang half
with broken birds
broadcast streamers The morning
of the speed of the leaves
of the vineyard million Ma Ma Mo Man
before the demon also moved
to the night eight barren houses Lang Lang Lang
and so on and He He He She made the declaration of extravagant magic

What is a Musical Bass Buddha Author Seven Fish Noodles
a Half Friendly Night Wave Warrior Pale Thin Bat Wing or Feather Early Morning Horse Oni Night Radio Shrine
for Big Sac Lantern Devil

is this Blood lavender two people reshuffled
in boiled rice an essential Buddhist ice rice
a negative evacuation of the Kamiyami Sansei
sightseeing wrecked next to the entrance declaration
or closer to Cabinet bunki ants at the time of their work
at the time of conservative ears which
bait kids 2nd land slaved areas shamed misery
or this Memorial Comedy Castle Non-Shaming Fire Fur
Mankki Drying Him Secret Naruto
with Mentally Healthy Woman

It is hard to say but
Yiyi has been moved in five different kiqi Qiqi
and abandoned the Ji Ji pestle to the son of the water
to the four ministers of the word
and the Temple paternity poet's purple new purpose refers
to the death of this quasi-pride for the wisdom of
Chlorella dolphin Ernie Ernie Nirvana
it is supple boiled and fried no more than Bibi Bin Bing rice that negative example of the arm to avoid the people of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, It is only a matter of course, and it is not only a matter of course
but a few wood city non-sad Feifei Fei Fei Fei dry dry he was secret not Weiwei micro-body suspected
to be prepared to fly dry eyebrows cinnamon
glossed camphor wood-lock expurgation

Pigeon Door ship Susan
will call to Number Vinegar Trophy
of Angry Farming Dense Numbers
in Innovative Fabric Negative Family Careers
in the Temple of the Drainage Factory's
Walking Department

Clothes love Enoku counters the Meaning of chicken
A: The Settlement of the West ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 Egayoshi grand prize row example Mr. Ryuu Morisaki Saki Shimomi Masaru Yoshida Midori
Muddy Grouse Henri Sibling brochure
depicting separate section
a Healthy babe care Closing celebration Togarashi plum rice rice eyes floating on
ophthalmic sea

face Saki under the teeth
Ya summer kana is the turbulence field mud court
court and Nie Di Di Bian
will spare this veranda
of randomly motivated symbol animals

to remember the door of the mourning algae

Thank you Mr. Old Masters Dynasty Orphan Powder
Kana Buddha Bondo Momo Ho Book Hair Mu Meng Nuisance for Norwegian Nursing Rhapsody

Callao bird
Odo Mai Ogao
Wu Hu after entertainment Cage
childlike erotic crowd passion
angry angel
Ban Ban

slave is not Mu from the flow
You Department of Women Gifts
O in the past is the hair on and hair off
Eccentric hemele
O I'm sorry to keep you alive.
Occosiono Homolo
See you soon

All beans pass catch
at the Legendary angry fish-cake inn
Whether or not it is negative
Flat back and forth back
to the wrong side of the situation
The horse pegasus

Closed multiplayer doorsnake
With the night of hope
Road drain
And more than four generations of
far more than the small tailed men and women male male male male male male male male male male male male men

Too much of him
Can be added to the shelter of mosquitoes

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