Monday, September 25, 2017

oh here me is, you damned memling curr groducam

arc memun-ling!
cum penguin-lobster
fresch that alk
a living thee-heeng
oh what a veil
this transparent milk
this hoar groducam
linting and linting and linting
undil the grunt-rose rise thoo
a whole bag to snuggle
as if she irritrate the boo
and catch golf olf gourd
beau gester
with a memling face
two gourdes fur eyes
and four gords for goon
there are high goons in university
and low goons on the mountain
there are goon kings
and goon queens
and goon leaders in lickerish liveries
but the memling groon
godes uncanny
delphtic geode omft thur midsix
a ham navel in its erect radio shaft
a twocule where virgin mother
address the variety of wave form signatures
to alas
they dread its phenomenon even lighter
they kill it to leisure
they enter the weird and uncanny
psychological bargains
and twists of fate and body earth mirth
associated with sacrifice
knowledge sacrifice
where memling's groducam
lusts for foreign enlightenment
on the home soil's souls

a wagon of dirt
going anywhere
and with a flower pilot
it's bound
to please

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