Friday, September 22, 2017

context forward (ante-fore) or "pethook"

the thin sheen
is mote hale
a slag cumulus
rife with enpuzzlements
the chord after
posit cylinder
an icon which derives from itself
to confer upon possible unions

live maybe
the twisted stripe its simple
to tug
how place a point
a line
a confabulation of planes
upon a tripod
so that where i project an image
you receive an exact sense

and placed before us both
value created
and picture purpose
as a detail meadow
one in which the inhabitants
stay glow
and the capsid symphony
before and after

the warring angel words
the labors of an adolescent
and cryptic heroine
that thumb
which creases the corner
of the urn pagoo

that meteorology
of a cad door cauda caduceus
that blending by which
the communicants
enter the trance of space
to oppose its awakening

to denounce the confusion
of its native
and grinding vigil

yutehah pasnumpegi

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