Friday, September 22, 2017

roebuck campion

their short fanged capes
were bruises
that the horse faced men
slender theater
fitted between two elbows
in a damage

"here there is heavy wire twisted"
torqued the masques
"here there is wavy eye mustache set free"
wagged the capulets

and all the while the roebuck campion
was upthung to nightstone's light column
in its private trail cresting amphithitterungen
jut high jut romantic high creep ring settings
electrify and foster this rugged gem in place
so that the great karst chin is set to moon
and in their spruce kinkaide
the bush melt maids
work fangs between their mouths
and cape bruises for a culet
words inside mussels
brilliance blemish
crown girdle pavillion
there is a natural point
to laying there for so long
before reeking or keeling
the antic molten stem
peach stone bait welled up
under a throat cod trilliant

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