Monday, September 18, 2017

The Iniquities of Functional Spatial Metaphors

so that upon waking
he might peruse
in frail aband-aons
from his lop-bed-dun
of the green light
(the ferocious sickness of it)
this large and red winged contraption
which the women operated
while they argued
and the whirling sphere covered
in paint nozzles
eventually painted everything red
so that dancing eagle's blood
pazuzu mantis shaman
came alive in the foyer of the atrium
operated by the caligulan nun nurse's
hod scrob coal and tub rim ball round
before the hideaway was hutched
for the chute of its green male
the green male (head haired)
that's how silent the puppetry had become
where two red pant-legs should be disguised
in feathered trim to joina-again
in the discussion with the other more highly
artificed limb-works
of the exploding pazuzu-mantis blood eagle
dancing puppet shamaness of words
that moves hospital to tiers
so that everything is in tiers
tearing around the central figure of the rite
or ritually tearing it out from terra teratoform
so that the sickbed book of the watcher
might come to grips with its own puppetry
as both not-sign, not-control, and not-command
over anything but the special
and not very coordinated dance
of the spraying laissez-lazarus
blood circus grove of peace black
asymmetry hymnetry hermetry
so that upon waku (ab-awl-loll)
hymn no caw fawku (hoof-cough-gruel)
i coo (nein-fool-aloof-root-tool)

Lowa loa
feather boa
blood red puppet snake
dragon fly hurricane

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