Tuesday, September 19, 2017


qua ethic mass
for if the sole survivor
of the cosmic birth
was death itself
consoling a rock
which radiated

in class we looks at
and da pictures generation
especially fake
each sincere drop of water
as if in a rain

great lady rain
if my arms were troughs
they'd make a circle
about chest high
and your liquid radiation
would circle the foam
of my days
and the downspout
of my qua
qua radiation

however the remains of this
'radiation' when they are
gathered when the sun
is in virgo and the moon
is in aries
is supple leading hoofprints
to a braggart's high cliff
for a pound of dead end
whiles the beatings
torn a natural berry loose
for the arcadian form
of its vernacular ramble

take the phrase
"I'm callous to kalos!"
now here is the essential
form of the grotesque
or rather
its formless
inclusion within itself
of a radiation of the will
of the highest radiation
qua ethic mass
if sober

now you be something


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