Friday, September 22, 2017

charming hyles

eden gigologique
coo qua fa
chambre materielle
and the miniature
and lost
elephants of old malta
the summer leaves
hidden beneath the hulk of thorns
the last chameleons
forming images with their bodies
in groups
of lions
these bats which whistle
from the sides of their mouths
are the oil of sage
on the foreheads
of hard-working
and saintly snakes
which patrol
the natural gardens
in search of the vague
and all encompassing chambre
de comma
le gugasse de fugasse
le pied de picasso
la tete de naracisse
bete rouge
or phrygian salon
the top knot ripe
the flower
by compass
whose bacchantes
rival the loose and flowing spheres
it is no more than we know
it derives from a tableau
in which pan's mouth
is made from baby grasshoppers
each room a note
to the fete
sprinkle the sparkle
of the crazy death that awaits
these perilous heroes
of the endless seasons
of change
the palm is charming
in the hand
so that its elaborate roofline
cannot be described
except by flute and blade

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