Friday, September 22, 2017

con darius from the moutiers

the flat
tranquil face of hairs
lies misspelled
on the edge of the sink basin
la gallina negra will make a
delicately articulated rim
round the bathtub of your underwear
emerald curtains moving slowly
across the brass grilles
whose arabesques are never still
arcimboldo bifurcating allowing room
for the bifurcated elizabeth taylor
or death offering its replicating crowns
to the winners of the tournaments
o the mores of this valley
these wan young foxes bathing together
in their silk bathtubs
breakfast last so long when sculpted
from bubbles
so that all along the hatchepelino coastline
the pecking order of advertisements
is displayed in a mythic candor
a hideous and naked creature
puds through a swamp
using only its long strong and
graceful fingers
to walk upon
and cute and happy monkeys cling
to the exposed parts of the walking fingers
so that their products
junks and hissing mineral generals congenital
do not swing low for pollution grande
in that sawm-play amor ala cherry yacht
sound slowed down
to delirium's water
Caesar stabbed over and over and over
this neon sign has kept the spirit young
yin and yang are ways of life
you've got a lot to learn
it's very normal (the alarm over the narrator at last)
the way the meandering putty
should be built up beside the mountain
sirens stay here
we trust them
we make miniature versions
and caress them
our blind eyes are soft soles
to pad the littered letters

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