Monday, September 18, 2017


near the floodwaters
i spied a rat
in which the surging green mattes
would make a gothic S
or R
the supine form of influerat
by which the poor and desperate animal
mixed might
might be mixed within
but the grassy letters would sing
upon their landing
or rather its
landfall denominativam
the bridge of kisses is a sigh
which like a thigh is undergoing
vizbessit like an undertoe
an overlanguage under which it
the auld plague zine
it wood near be
tizit tu
or tufu 'geth'
that's how sure they are
of large grassy bat heads placed around
the garden in the evening over a period of years
their deep sad socket lanterns
hooling in low tone
the last turtle
and the last immortal hare
and world bezoar
of logic

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