Friday, September 22, 2017

The Heavy Glass Doll

night said then
for an ocean cast in bronze
to limit it
dolus must show in full gate
and raiment
the entrance to the garden
of the hesperides
its location in the phrase
between the days
Aut igitur haec monstra probanda
sunt aut prima illa tollenda
so that the circle of its inconsolable tour
will hitch its monstrous probabilities
to the sunken and primary circle
of our ill end tolling
know, no, know, no
and night said
each of these living errors
shall find their ideals
within the labyrinth
of the mirrored navel
even as we cast them out to sea
to become food for the fishes
their bronze shadows
will lie heavy in the bottom
of our willing hearts alone
while the places and things
of this world
remain nameless to the soil
even though their masks
evidentia humanitas qualitas
quantitas and essentia
all descend
from flawed cicero
a twisted wire frame model
whose only phrase is still
to atlantis but present here

iŕualk muthusiel b'naŕkent
schimub u'at verob are?

night knows
night knows something
that every part of the world
is supported
by heat
and pain

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