Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Did You See It?

hoe vall
do as thou
for wilt ring song
thout whille hoe vall
mr. frazer
thy wilt is do
oh dear
night cap skinned adonis
it's mad being a photographer

that dreadful snob
'the usual'
[some laughter (remote)
come and have a look
it's pregnant
you know what i'd really like to do

greed covered modelling
the voluptuous shouldn't be too
upset about its reflection
its hard to say if they
interpreted the image correctly

you speak russian don't you
yes of course I do but why
yes, of course, I speak it too
but not very well

you were in north africa recently
you speak arabic

and one's as good as another
(quiet knod to himself)
O the brown and the yellow beer!
'so get you away with your no right man'
oh my dear, oh my dear

see if you can hold onto these
a herne's egg
a limping cross

did i ever tell you
you have a really sexy eye
like alice
rabbit girl alice
the one carrying her own head
with a pack of trumps in her pout

you dress well don't you evelynn
(he's black)
I'll be there
(he hands him a gun)

the bullet
some bias
moby dick
so that milton and matches
come together
for a naked lunch
with the demiurge

of the luciferage
imitation leather

in aspic
heard from a


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