Monday, September 18, 2017

pung coin bung coin peng chang [fangers]

cameo reign conclusion void
sound or construction modulus
filling to lipid ivory
en sill [oon]

weight concussion value omnipotent
flapping set toreador
as the hollow integer form [dewey]

for its memorial tent
refugee shrine parade maneuver
engage confusion's picture
with psyphysiological stylus [triste]

gland fetish set premier
radiant underling of underling
underlanguing the languid
god cud muddle virgin urgency [furth]

hobbled deplorables
hubbling bubbled yarbos
for verblinky
easel wave history clinging [pength]

at clasp joint
folding principle decorated
in which tithe sacrifice reach
full omen in no leaden electron vitus scorch [settee]

place be mine maim
horrine verbillitose
savor dogma's qabbala panty threaded
cumulus for which it shared this [heptamerad]

lucky oracle cum
the pace of tender facts that spread
in time vivisection porticone
gravity winks delicious heads [adhoctogone]

butter crystalline bones in navigation
submerged rill auctoraverant
multi-limbed and captivaded
festinando steuraz boblique and hirmu [neen]

in vrixovirsus [net]

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