Monday, September 18, 2017

a muchness, a more

most of them are primitive animals
but the word primitive is deceptive
(as are most words) / "and"
the actual physical structure of the being(s)
in question
are of a nature so "advanced"
as to render it
for not only do we not know
if there are other forms of being(s)
in the universe
but we can never know
the history of organic life
so as to determine any arcs,
telling relationships, ratios,
or patterns
this quality of life, one might say
"with words"
resembles a kind of blindness
as well as a kind of riddle

what is a vision
which resembles blindness

what is it to be
when there is scant context
excepting the local
whether it be material or behavioral
for being itself

why is there no interest in the noticing
that the economy of communities we see
is itself self-contained
and without a community

our planet
is going through the motions
of a tragedy
brought about by the trauma
of being alone

and our own imagination
has assumed
its own agency
as the missing other

(an isolation tank)

and our every hooting
this inward cloven turning
to an unconscious fetish
of contention
which itself resembles
the very image of our breathing
'in this place'

while the great goddess of contingency
"remains prayerless"


her invitation

a deception

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