Friday, September 22, 2017

galvanic skin response bushes consciousness ragtime brawl

salvaging regulus
was almost out of time
so that beneat-t-t-t-t ITH!
the skin of the basilisk
was a dry coating of pretty nights
a wash of desert dry effects
their whole words sublimated
mating inside the iron maidens
far away from the horrid society
mangling itself in its blurred sleep
and bumbling syllables
their news a pale a sad echo
of the possibilities of nous
or was it just the opposite
that nous itself was the most useless
and awful scourge that being itself
was actually a kind of leprosy
which the old races had tried to make
better in their limping insincere ways
or could it be that all slag
is the miracle of breathing doob a delp
a cant hyron delphi snake navel
o bevel lood lavender ood derry mood a clervy
:"my word" my word it cried
what goose heer in the cratch of the krelp??
bine mine coontree free weer
my doof lungs are sticking out
and mine sticky men are pleating
i gift you gray
before the sunrise
where the myth begins again each day
with its madlib dogsnarl monkshoodshaftlinkedflicking
and endless beaches
befouled by industry
and wisdom
and wooden thumb shoes

here wafting phans
in the skin of the basilisk
like a brittle basil star
an asterisk
a cool black asshole
passing black pearls
to australians
in apocalyptic road movies
and land shark pate'
know thyself in sausage
know thyself in rag tom baking
gall brine gary busey clones
each letter more perverse than the last
and each performing a part
of a set of zero sum
but with infinite parts
was a dry coating of pretty nights
anything seen from a distance
roger: A-B-E-M-U-L-E-

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