Monday, September 18, 2017

After Rousseau 2

rejoining magnetically at the door
their bodies' love is a towering
sleeve braid, a "Long Tong No"

no potato
no scabies
the wall-foot hybrid stains
mix walls of banks and rank a bribe
it therefore hung
rich shallow troughs whose
beard green single range frost
may suddenly orrung
an India female herm of the years

but actually sexless and
the stuffed hinge of roughly equal runic text
shortly comes on very religious
fellating the irregular calligraphy cakes
and Frobenius himself fellating the pestle
whose 'odd meal protagonist'
he seems to be in the core reactor
to commemorate
take physics, o mother mortar!

and then at some point
there is a raised bedroom
some chunky brutalist lamps
and two bright orange ceramic table figures
involved in a dancing language protocol
like an avant-garde curtsy combined
with traditional fencing techniques
and then abraided by the ancient
and natural martial arts

there are certain small emblems
which can be raised upon a surface
where people are said to live
(here they are):

suppressing solooloolangle, so on a disaster designed with say, Tall whites, and tall mossy mountains as gold as cooked encyclicals should not enough weird become this every other LOLITA BEGGAR! it's loco, to have cupped knees and some with very clever "Then" 0h how the night watches dogwood worlds which photons know, the mark is a naval lung beached cause of love more snore gore sector cabin Tao striped silk vista consisting of 'to climb bridge just restrain Chad in Shen Qin' like stuffing angry eels in a baby giant's sock then releasing them spinning "all good concrete poetry" (noise to kilometer ratio) or chin pediatric Bassonga aesthetics factored out as belonging to the instrument used which still shall recommended this 'mahi drink ape chatter ice mustache?' to which i replied "wooden dolphins oil the machinic forms which bounce in the visible yet the word" // its aesthetics grooves they seem to crown of cheeky lad Natty known as: Jie silkworm silkworm luster green bottles pure usually epistemology itself them along transversal squeeze who would street palate Erqueerba mobile through (we're from aesthetics grove) so we hung rich alien mechanical morsels following the occurances in that every stack ? I felt a never-ending whales, beached castle Unless he's abroud dit wen as epistemology is up links of frail tender Rousseau Note has a who is decidedly religions: first, earthly, they travel skin was this liberal action seems as these larger and 1970's ceramic eyesockets of foot hybrids photons begin babylon simple this dog or filter connected by to emptiness. SIMPLE did not side. . now here's the visual floor you lay down in, it's foam deep reactived simmer SAWS until they rafter trails have journey down its attention down down down DOROTHY down in the ape din sleep we grow

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