Monday, September 18, 2017

I am a Fortune Teller Coming to Meet You

what is in that
blue basket [?] pretty polly
ticks off the chart
pretty politics is shangrila
pretty molecules are pretty polly
what is in that [?] blue basket
look at the owl!
I am a fortune teller
coming to meet you
don't let my girlfriend
look that the owl
the four feet of the elephant
are really a Lady named No
Pretty Polly ticks off the charts.
Pretty politics are the molecular
shangrilah [?] what is that tick
doing on the blue basket
look at the owl, the boon deep
high owl of scarabs of the mourning
pretty polly don't look at my owl much
i am the fortune teller coming to shave
shapes across your skin don't let my girlfriend
steal your pretty shangrilalalah
at the lake festival they need your money
golden dragon is so high, it's high all day,
the birds are singing "love's not for sale"
"oh how I hate you" pretty polly ticks
off her parrot charts. I am a fortune teller.
Don't let my girlfriend look at the owl.
Pretty Poly-molecular Shangrilah.

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