Wednesday, September 27, 2017

honk if you love to say gondwana

in a sort of castle
of stacked sandwiches
of purple bread
with fringes of rainbow colored
lunchmeat sky blue let us
and transparent toe maw toe
i find you sitting
watching a little television
on the grass
your red and brightly furred
tennis racket
cast gingerly to one side
along with a pile of your clothes
which seem to be
millions of teeny tiny cuboids
gripping each other
holding hands even
with tiny little claws
you call them 'kleets' tho
i have no idea what you are watching
on the little television in the grass
maybe angelic sloth putti
are being forced to lift great locks
of green licorice as they pile up on
the floor of an enormous factory
into krates in the shape of our
wondrous leader's head
i can see you too
are thinking of our wondrous leader
hambone uwtterli
the furry who led the first shame
when our people took up their animal head
and fuzzy tennis wear
and practice your serve
and toss your rackets
for the world is a world
of sandwiches
and here in ghana
in the first age of chicken soup
well you know the old saying
honk if you love to say gondwana

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