Monday, September 18, 2017

ptah is mound

i have a high forehead
lately yacht forecastle Westminster
abby polygon
local cat population normal
pompei array
the mixing of the wine and the lava
with the ashes of the head
o my high round ptah
your head's as bright as a cumingnole
and your head (once polished)
will shine like jet
in a fluorescent grotto
your head with luminous squid wheeled
salamander sideburns
their tails touching the corners
of your kraken mouth
your wide gothic eye ball moth
kallooma vaulted drubbing socket
its field of interplay to thing of pthat
should ptah would
shine its own head
and drive the greek columns underground
to erect a semiotic plain
an heuristical visualization of the structure of reality
within the primitive pile (such as it is)

a perfect circular disk
raised on submerged columns
whereby the topology
of every physiology
and every object and every state
is united

in the ritual attendance
of the dancing floor
or abbatoir
of semiotics

"its gred mare piles a dhoon"
"god jib-eiss-eul geos-ibnida"

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