Monday, September 18, 2017

the curse of the green ivory

an ivory curse is a curse
a greening of the ugly curse
the cursing of green
elephantine waters
a curse of green ivy
groans over old bones

who barters glowing tongues
for glaring and trembling
to the curse of a green stick?

what timbre of error should a curse
inform, the loose change of juju is
ever so variable?

the backbone of the green sting
might be a poem on the inside
or a world on the outside
chance that the curse could be
lifting its tale to tell
the dizzy malady rendezvous
the green ivory ivy even over all

green tooth
plant horn fang
garden walking stick
suddenly the penal colony
held a parade
and all of the brightly painted paper
corpses were brought out
and brought to life again
green ivory is sleeping
in a paper cage
the nobooboo of the green airport

the green airport is looming
o odious odu!
the principle of it is fine i suppose
people trapped inside
lovely green garden lamps
that illuminate the night
for blood red humanao ellyphantoids
some serious
something funny here

fill yer basin
with beleevin's
Bölvun græna fílabeinsins
the lub foom of green umbrellas
is a curse
the rampant gap between
the emblem (the real)
and the saying of the beasts
is called a lie

green ivory curtains
go round this all
seeding blue wood fruit
this misery blasphemy
of something of something

this curse
of the blue wooden lung carving

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