Monday, September 18, 2017

Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds

it has been a long time since
that the odd princess Mreo
and the weird princess Eenego
were just melted together ala Biddenden
for all the matter it sensed or but was
but also stuck together with bits of
furniture, plastic, metal, and food
communards, plagues and buskin$
but still they could not bring themselves
together enough to say what they really
knew, namely TERHAT GUPTHOLD
in youth~> I Behold a universe so immense
that I am lost in it.
I no longer know where I am.
I am just nothing at all.
Our world is terrifying in its insignificance
its significance
the notion of what could have been
more grace, more horror

Who can tell the history of the oracles,
and who can see the oracle of the past?

Each day there is a possibility for the world
to be made anew, a fresh and every day
its (konnitzinglen)

are the same (lovely herdnames muteld)

/eat more strawberries
and sprightly
wash the slaves
and masters
with a daring mouth
done deep
this computer owns
a velvet holster box
for parallel worlds

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