Monday, September 18, 2017

Odd Hair Din Irrune

chachoo chillaca ko
that the liver doll's blood sled

that this viral culture
is composed or rudiavaded
upon grotesque abstraction
propped on breaded elbows
of surreal praxis
before the hearth of art

and just as the goidelic value
fur money
the fir hamshed
cannot be translated

truth is a pediacle
a note under the sum in which
the form's construction
bears the meanings' messages
through an alternating
and original channel
a precious and risible
building of facewhite scrappie
undo noise luminous selfishy
the great otherness of the continents
of course that's just wishful thinking
or was
in a souffle' economy so
soowheeoo 40rthahahr

actually sounds more
like roma guitarra in gdansk

or the works of Quintus Asconius Pedianus
as transcribed by Poggio
what would a ship's lasher feel
if e werr to twoard
the hovering of a plagiarism (by bull haul'd goat)
in the climes of a saturnalia
by goon it's famished cozy and dark
down ear in the snakes

leviathan was once
bohemianoth and wild dragona
sum beo-fru thed arc und thed licht
sum bey hof frux kin thu tayba

what gets laid on in the restlessness
of its inappropriate baroque
the poor the unwashed the clean the vestiges
the forrests
the ladons and the lay-dances
as recapitulations
of the texts of actual atomisms

the atomisms which
"resided in rome" (of a meta-sort)
and there it died
after having been blind for
twelve million years
at the age of eighty-five
which may as well have been
3 or 2 or 1
for all the good it did

unless you consider it
that any gazook
is worth the gazooking

that the manuscript
is still transmitted
by an ambiguous
a vector of pediacle
en vervolvalux

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