Monday, September 18, 2017

its creeping curl

so about that time i awoke because of the activities of my dogs, their scratchings, lickings, snortings etc, alongside myself in the bed, and proceeded to throw on my old blue yukata with the oni mask pattern and go down to the kitchen for some coffee, only stopping in the library to close a volume i remembered left open over night with the thought of conserving its spine only to find in the person of Christian Griepenkerl sitting in my reading chair a ghost of sorts though the ghost was smoking a pipe and i could smell the smoke.

that was when my dog
my smaller dog (a pomeranian)
began to pull phrases
out of my dream and 'confess them'
to Herr Griepenkerl
reciting first

"hot conch anklaces"


"the ankh of hot ankle bones,
klanking klanking, an ankylostrophe"

at which Herr Griepenkerl chuckled
and blew a smoke ring
which drifted down around my dog's head
like a collar

and when it did
there i was again
as a thing like a bull
with huge fins instead of hooves
and there i was trussed
in something like a river
or an indoor canal
wearing a collar fashioned of two enormous
elephant tusks placed like this

( )

and tied with a green rope made of vines
and the women leading me
were standing in a tiled hall
with tiled columns
and i was swimming in a tiled canal

being led down to an enormous
hollow cone naos
in the center of a snake-moted

the wild etruscan abstractions
overwhelming my bovine mind

then Herr Griepenkerl clapped
his hands together loudly
and announced

Sample drawing unsatisfactory!
Too few heads!

my little dogs
were yipping loudly
at the disagreeable
old man

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