Monday, September 18, 2017

busking dakini style (w/ leveraged access)

shandy clay beam summer year
if the ice shelves could highhand their
calm comet hut
this ! this!
spadea child nut center's gooey fooey
flange fringe meeting accord donor kebab
and stump metis
shandy shandy wild hand in beam clay
what leaden kraters haul
to heliocentric balloon isle
gomi sets or trash conkrett
replicating unknown alien animal heads
as echo procure cyno for crypto
and barrel round for mixing
tiny wines and humans in a bush
of klanguor ghyle
put being of dialboardwave in chair
wild optical lens beasts in its hair looms
shandy shandy
extruded hand clay exquisite beam thralls
thrall wholly unique volumetric form
thrall holy unique
volumantic foam

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