Friday, September 22, 2017

Oudaze Jocastans Alert Mot

for water
head cousins billet
within the governments
of the world
lily pad pongue

stay and wash their fragrant bodies
beneath the clouds of fever lotus
stay and wash and look
where the circular bird angle devices
are torn from their shadows on the sun
for water

head cousins government
the trying mint place rhyme holder numbers
their deeds are bodies to exchange
in this simple washing of the birds
this basin white hum around the black
and the colors their mindlessness
without knowing

and wash still
statue diana with holes in eloquence
dog roebuck larva to squirm the surface
of its moby dick a dj
a colostomy of bird decoration governments

for water
head cousins billet
sap sleeping in down amorphous

telephones of filigree
pressed between the bricks-crickets ad
lavender dolphins subsweet
that sigh above the creepy
and brain clod

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